SGInnovate: Building Startups in AI, MedTech, Mobility and More
Deep Tech investments in Singapore
80+ Investments
Investing in Deep Tech Start ups
S$50M+ Invested
Deep Tech Start ups in Singapore
S$700M+ Raised by startups

We believe in solving problems of significance rather than problems of convenience — how Deep Tech solutions can be harnessed for the betterment of human lives.

To do so, we invest not just money — but time, effort, and much more — to help our portfolio companies knock down technical, adoption, market, and legislation barriers, and build their companies that develop solutions to globally relevant challenges such as pre-stroke detection, financial inclusion, and sustainability.

To date, we have invested over S$50 million in more than 80 portfolio companies — in AI, MedTech, Quantum Computing and more — who have gone on to raise over S$700m from the market.

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High-Performance Computing / Quantum Tech

Autonomous Mobility

Industry 4.0



AI - B2B