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Our Mission:

To help entrepreneurial scientists build Deep Tech startups.

Our Purpose:

The world has hard problems to solve, and hard-tech answers are needed. We help entrepreneurs who want to solve hard problems build companies.

We believe Singapore has the resources and capabilities to tackle hard problems that matter to people around the world. SGInnovate has been established to help ambitious and capable people to build 'technology-intensive' products borne out of science research.

Our commitment is to use the full power of the Singapore ecosystem to achieve this mission.

  • Investment Capital


    Singapore has over $1b+ of private-market funds and another $1b+ of public-sector funds.

  • Corporate Banking


    Singapore brings together over 7000 regional and global corporations who represent go-to-market help, joint product development, investment funding and possible exits.

  • SGInnovate for deep tech funding


    Under Singapore's latest Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) five-year plan, $25B has been committed to supporting RIE efforts through to 2025, covering strategic domains such as healthcare, sustainability and manufacturing.

  • SGInnovate supported by Singapore Government


    Singapore has a strong and stable government that is committed to encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship through a combination of financial tools and regulatory frameworks.

  • World class institutions of higher learning


    Of the top 15 globally-ranked universities, two are in Singapore.

Deep Tech Nexus

Our Deep Tech Nexus strategy represents SGInnovate's commitment to add tangible value to the Singapore Deep Tech startup ecosystem in two key areas - Human Capital and Investment Capital.

Sharing of SGInnovate's Deep Tech
Nexus Strategy

Shaping The Future with Deep Tech - from Singapore, for The World

SGInnovate: Building Deep Tech Startups from Singapore, for The World

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