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Why SGInnovate?


Build companies at the forefront of emerging technologies to tackle our most pressing challenges.


Help us make Singapore a leading global Deep Tech hub.


Contribute to the growth of Singapore’s Deep Tech Economy. Connect talent and companies to new opportunities.

Make an impact – Your way


Identify promising emerging tech startups. Guide them as they scale and build products born out of scientific research.


Nurture Deep Tech talent and connect them to career opportunities with exciting startups.


Grow and build the Deep Tech community. Create opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Corporate Services

Transform the way we connect, work and operate.

Help us chart the course for tomorrow’s Deep Tech economy

Intersecting technology, research and entrepreneurship, Deep Tech companies’ ambitions are a reflection of the mammoth scientific and engineering challenges they seek to tackle.

We’ve journeyed with the community from our first day and are always on the lookout for diverse individuals with the grit, vision and talent to come on board with us to take on this mission.

You’ll be able to contribute, create, and learn - the limits are entirely yours to define.

Dr Lim Jui
CEO, SGInnovate