SGInnovate Helps Entrepreneurial Scientists Build Deep Tech Startups

We invest, and help entrepreneurial scientists
find their path to success.

Deep Tech has innovative scientific research at its core.

At SGInnovate, we're looking for entrepreneurial scientists who have the ambition, passion and expertise to develop Deep Tech solutions to challenging global problems.

We build investable companies. We invest in promising Deep Tech startups. We help them knock down barriers — technical, adoption, and market — like no other. We connect them with top talent and bring together great minds across the ecosystem to discuss, share and inspire ideas of innovation.

We enable Deep Tech, applied with deep insight, for deep impact.

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SGInnovate Expands Traineeship Opportunities

Giving the opening address at SGInnovate's virtual career showcase, New Frontier, Education Minister Lawrence Wong said Deep Tech such as genetic coding is at the forefront of new innovations.

Future Students May Study Genetic Coding

SGInnovate launches two new PowerX programme tracks at its virtual job showcase, New Frontier, to develop more talent in Deep Tech.

How Early-Stage Deep Tech Startups Can Attract & Retain the Right Talent

It is not exactly rocket science, but here are four things to note before going on the talent hunt for Deep Tech startups.

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